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The Thai Lottery timeline starts back in 1874 during the reign of King Rama V when a lottery was run during the Kings anniversary celebrations. At several other times between 1874 and 1939 special lotteries were held to finance different schemes including Thailand's involvement in WWI, Red Cross charity funding and to generate revenue for the Thai government when there were funding shortfalls.

By 1939, the control of government lottery operation was formerly transferred to the Thai Ministry of Finance with the appointment of the first lottery board by the Ministry of Finance on April 5, 1939. This date is now considered to be the founding date of the official Thai Lottery and the Government Lottery Office.

The current format of the lottery sees many millions of tickets(exact number unclear) issued for each of the bi-monthly draw which includes specific sections to promote both sport and charities. Each year, the Lottery Office contributes a significant amount to the government treasury. It also provides scholarships for undergraduates and supports various charities. The Thai lottery also contributes to the welfare funds for civil service and military personal.

01 Mon, Jul 2013
First Prize : 646905
Next Draw : 16 Tue, Jul 2013

3 Digits
075, 284, 903, 904

Down : 5 1

20 Thu, Jun 2013
First Prize : 584379
Next Draw : 05 Fri, Jul 2013

3 Digits
368, 078, 485, 139

Down : 6 5

25 Tue, Jun 2013
First Prize : 829367
Next Draw : 10 Wed, Jul 2013

3 Digits
415, 085, 367, 356

Down : 5 4


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